How to Fix Suicide Hack

If you are an admin of a server, what people told me is that the hack is patch-able by disabling fall damage, use the simple command falldamage.enabled false. It is a default command

edit: tested and works!

Thanks for the info but how did you test? Did you run the hack to make sure yourself?

For HFB server run it in Rcon and then put falldamage.enabled false in your cfg\server.cfg file if this is legit.

well it was pretty obvious when about 80 people on our server had almost all confirmed that the suiciding had stopped.

Well that’s not a scientific proof but hey I implemented it and appreciate the heads up. Hopefully this will spare us until a patch comes out. Thanks man.

this does stop it, tried it

Any of you have a server where you’ve fixed this issue? Would love to play on it seeing as the official servers are unplayable with this hack. Thanks ^.^

What is the suicide hack?



Exactly what it sounds like

It’s apparently a command not a hack at all. So good job devs lol. But adding no fall damage does fix it.

It’s not a command, it does it within a certain radius of the hacker and is automatic.

It must be a very big radius because I was in the very southern part of the map and another guy was up near Sweden and we both died. My suspicions are on a clan on the server though because just as I reached their base and asked them to settle, I was wiped out while they remained fine.

Maybe it’s not a radius thing but an activity thing. I noticed that I tended to die if I typed something in in-game chat. Perhaps the script just captures usernames from the last x amount of minutes from the in-game chat, adds it to a list, then forces the fall damage to take place.

How to connect admins to show them that thread and solution ?!!
That cheat’s everywhere now.

Just tell your admin to type falldamage.enabled false in the console

Omega Man, I’m on official server. Who’s admin? Where can I find their contacts? :zoid:

Thanks mate!
falldamage.enabled false fixed it.

Community to the rescue, nice fix guys. Great job figuring that one out!


If you guys need a server where this command was implemented, go to the website, the ip is on the webpage