How to fix texture tiling ?

Can’t get rid of texture tiling, really have no idea. This is the texture for the ground props (Ground props download here:
The ground prop is pretty huge but the texture doesn’t get stretched. Any ideas ? Maybe it has something to do with vmt or vtf flags ?…7/Sand02_D.vtf

This is the actual texture:

And this is how it looks in the game:

That would be the UV mapping.

you’d have to edit the texture so it’s seamless, actually

the only thing I could think of doing with minimal effort- which I might add would look pretty obvious and awful -is a lazy trick from audio editing. basically reverse it along the axis you’re aligning it on every second tile, like this:[/t]

That’s it tiled 2x2 with the respective horizontal and vertical transforms applied. As you can see, it looks pretty godawful. It works slightly better for less feature-rich textures, but at that point there are better filters you can use.

here’s that texture tiled as 2x2. it looks more like the background to a psychedelic music video than a texture by this point:


one would imagine you could compensate for the sheer awfulness of this texture with more creative use of UVs, but then again you could also go out and get lucky with a celebrity.

So unless you want to spend time in a doctoring program removing the defining features and adjusting the texture to be more tile-friendly, you’re pretty much stuck with a lazy result or a non tilable texture.

Open it up in Photoshop, filter -> offset by some ^2 and fix the irregularity’s with patch and spot heal. Make sure not to edit the outer edges too much tho as they are tiled correctly.

this is not really a good texture for tiling
anyway here is a quick tuto with photophop

and after a try o got this

but as i said it’s not a good texture for tiling because of those details like rock or the difference of grass , so …

hope it will help you.

Here i went and properly tiled it for you, 512x512.

I think he want’s it Stretched, not tiled.

yeah, such a misunderstanding, I just want this texture to make stretched on the prop.

that’s just done with uv mapping :v: