How to fix the "gender problem".

Here’s a simple solution to fix all the issues people are having with this.

Keep everything in Rust on it’s current path. Everyone gets a randomized gender and race. That’s just how it is.


Allow it so that servers can be modded for an option to allow people to change their race and gender. This would cause the server to show up in the modded server list, and this should also mean that the current servers on the official list cannot use it.

It allows the developers to continue on their path and also allows people to choose what they want their gender and race to be. Everyone is happy.

I think it’s better that people are stuck and can’t choose. I don’t see why people can’t just deal with it.

They still would normally be. If they wanted to go on any other server other then the ones modded for appearance, they’d have their randomized character.

Why wouldn’t mods be able to do this, regardless of whether the devs ‘allow’ it or not?

Isn’t that one of the selling points of mods in the first place? The ability to fundamentally alter developer choices?

Never said they couldn’t. They probably still will anyways. It’s just that I think that getting this out there as an actual solution will help a lot more then complaining about whether or not people should be allowed to change their gender.

How about solving the complaining, by ‘gasp’, not having 200 identical threads every goddam week for whatever the current flavor of the month bitchfest is? Don’t like things? Post about in one thread, and do something constructive instead of just crying and sulking.

Alternatively. Don’t buy early access games.

Don’t blame me. I personally am fine with the changes; I’m not complaining, only trying to offer a solution which is something constructive.

Woah, that’s a bit aggressive. I don’t think he’s “crying and sulking”.

agreed, though i presume it’s not directed specifically at tornado.

I commend Tornado for offering up a pretty decent idea.

I started typing my thoughts out on the subject, but I’m sure people are going to get over this stupid social experiment phase and they’ll start bringing it up less.

The question is , why have different genders and race if you cannot choose ? they may has well just left it as it was

What “gender problem”?

Why have different terrain if you cannot choose?

Why have different loot in barrels if you cannot choose?

Why have different underground ore locations if you cannot choose?

Why have different newspawn locations if you cannot choose?

Why have different airdrop locations if you cannot choose?

Why have different resources if you cannot choose?

It’s almost like randomness is part of the game of something.

So I’m guessing you got the gender you wanted? Funny how this argument seems to be largely divided into those who got what they wanted and think it’s fine, and those who didn’t, and don’t…

I personally think it’s stupid that after more than 3,000 hours of playing as “Mr.Nice”, I am now a small, black, fugly chick.

I don’t own the game or care. If everyone’s random, I don’t have a problem with it. My character’s look doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the game, and it also prevents the game from looking completely comprised of dudes.

Personally, I think it would be hilarious and awesome if I was a black woman in Rust.

Well, according to garry, half the population didn’t like playing as dudes when there wasn’t an alternative. So given a choice, it wouldn’t be completely dudes.

Not quite sure what your point is

But Let’s get this straight I am not for or against choice I am just trying to understand what Garry is trying to achieve by introducing gender and race, if you cannot have the choice
Because I cannot see how the game benefits considering the work that was put into all the modelling

Also For a player to want to choose his or her gender or race in a role/FFS/survival playing game is only a natural human emotion you cannot expect all players not to want to be able to choose

The rest of the things you mention are only game parameters that are expected to be random and are accepted in general to change for the sake of the playing different outcomes in the game but your personal char can be a very personal thing to a lot of players,
Put it this way… if there was a choice to change your race and gender and even facial expressions and hair colour in game, I would bet that a minimum of 75% would choose to do it and the rest would take that option at some point in their time playing the game

its not sad or dumb its just a natural thing for people to want to do

Visual diversity of player models without the time and effort (and grotesque results) required to develop and use a customization system.

Your argument of “why have random ___ if you can’t choose” is laughable. That’s all.

Character creation has NEVER been part of Rust. It’s hilarious that nobody gave a damn until gender entered the game, and then the forums got flooded with people having meltdowns over the fact that there’s a woman on the server.

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Let’s face it: gamers are having meltdowns because they feel threatened that there’s now a playable female character in the game. That’s it. No change in the history of Rust has provoked this much NeckbeardOutrage ™.

The vast majority of us Rust players don’t care. We’re just endlessly amused by the “debate” (if we’re going to call it that).

My question was not "why have random if you cant choose " don’t know were u got that from

It was

1, why introduce different chars in the game if player can’t choose his char … Answer “a bit pointless”
2, what difference does it make to game play …Answer "not a lot if any”

I know Garry said he wants to make players more identifiable but to be honest when they are clothed you cannot tell the difference and I’ve noticed that there are so many spawning exactly the same anyway
At this stage of the development I just don’t get the point of the char update

but perhaps things will change

Why not reroll every wipe? That way it’s a “brand new” game every time.