How to fix the hacking problem?

I don’t know why it is so popular for people to hack in Rust.

But…I’ve been doing some research. Looking into the hacks that people are using and more specifically who’s doing the hacking.

It seems to me, though others may know better, that the vast majority of Rust hackers are coming out of Korea. This is evidenced the forums I’ve been perusing where the posts are in some terribly mangled form of English. These posters openly admit their nationality, though they do not admit whether they are from South Korea or Best Korea, but they do admit to hacking.

Now, to be fair that is not a sweeping generalization, many of the alleged hackers spoke very fluently and eloquently, and admitted to being of non-Korean descent but they were still the minority.

Here’s what I propose. Set a server side flag tide to a players SteamID, if they get flagged for hacking X times the only servers they are allowed to join would be ones where other hackers have been sent. Sandbox these mother truckers. Never let them back out of that sand box. If they want to hack in a game that they payed for, that is their privilege, however they need to be contained so that people who wish to enjoy that same game they paid for can as well.

Either that or enable blocking for the entire IP range belonging to Korea.

I’m all for another Great Firewall.

It’s called an EAC ban and more than 15,000 have already been handed out to hackers. If you get hit with an anticheat ban in Rust you can only join servers that are running without anticheat protection.

There’s also this thread which you seemingly did not read.

I don’t know where you’re getting that most hackers are Korean, I see people from all corners of the globe come through crying about their “mistaken” hacking ban. You don’t need to be Korean to spend money on payhacks. Also if someone says they’re from North Korea and are hacking in Rust and admitting it on Rust forums online, they’re almost certainly not from North Korea, or they’re close personal friends with the Kim family.

This is surely a valid solution that will fix everything with no repercussions. Never mind that I see tons of Russian IPs, Brazilian IPs, and a fuckton of

IPs coming through with hacking bans, let’s just block Korea because k_amaia has an anecdote. Great fucking idea.


I’m not saying all hackers are Korean, nor am I saying all Koreans are hackers, however my own experience tells me that in the majority of cases, that is the case.

EAC is all well and good, but we have several EAC Banned hackers on Seattle Hapis 1 that somehow found a way back into the game. So saying that there have been 15,000 EAC bans seems to be a poor metric.

WAH? Hackers got back into the game?!

I thought you could only own 1 steam account.

You do know that anyone can make a new Steam account and repurchase Rust, all the while setting their display name to whatever(including the display name of their banned account)?

And singling out Korea, especially by suggesting they basically ban Korea from playing Rust, gives me the impression that YOU, OP are bitter about some Korean game blocking US IPS and therefore feel preventing them from playing Rust somehow balances the universe.

And i was always blaming the Russians i feel miserable now…

I’ve posted another thread before with no response. Does setting your server config to “ false” remove your server from the server list?