How to fix the official servers

  1. Install a mod that shows who killed who with what weapon at what range.
  2. Allow the Rust community to apply for volunteer admin on the official servers.
  3. Ban the Steam ID of hackers that are ruining the game for everyone else.
  4. Put a 10 story limit on buildings to get rid of the lag. Could have admins enforce this with instako or remove tool.

You want both volunteer admins and the ability to permanently ban people from the game?

Surely you see the problem.

  1. Let VAC do it’s job
  2. That is all.

How could you ever think that the devs would install a mod on the official servers?
How could you ever think that the devs would let random people perma ban others from an official server?

How could you ever put these thoughts together and think that it was a good idea?