How to fix this half-block and stair issue.

So it seems that most of the community does not like the recent change of removing these pieces, including myself. However, I have a simple solution that I think will work very well.

Make blocks unstackable.

Have it so only one block can be placed on a foundation/floor. This will stop raid towers and griefing bases while still allowing people to make shelves, walls on uneven terrain, and the nice stairs instead of the L and U.

Now for my small rant, if you will. If people truly want to grief, a half block is not the best. A metal barricade is much worse for that, people will build walls instead of half blocks, or just wall off your base, the possibilities are endless. I feel that making this change ‘because people did not use them like WE wanted to’ was a bad choice. Removing key building elements to stop a bit of griefing shouldn’t have been done. As far as the ‘planned bunker windows and shelves’, make sure these are in the game BEFORE removing the placeholders people were using. If you want to do that, you had better have shelves and such in game very soon, like the following week. Otherwise it will be in perpetual development like the vehicles, rideable horses, boats, diving gear, harpoons, etc etc etc.

So, any thoughts on the no stacking? Let me know.

I think you are totally missing the real reason why they were removed. It has absolutely nothing to do with their stackability. Don’t believe Garry when he says its about shelves and bunker slits, he is obviously trolling hardcore.

Maybe, but until garry gives us a better reason than ‘because I said so’, Ill just try to help and make suggestions to solve whatever problem garry has with them. I just assume the biggest reason is raid towers and griefing, as the shelf excuse seems just plain stupid. ‘Oh, dont want them saving space’ is all I hear from that.

One block would still cause problems. I don’t care getting raided but blocking off my doorways after the raid sucks ass.

Just prevent blocks from being placed in front of a doorway.

gonna miss my bunker windows and shelves. :confused:

I just wanted to say that I literally registered on the forums just so that I could say that what this guy said is everything I was thinking while trying to build my base. Because heaven forbid I would want to build on a hill, Garry.

You can still make them. Just have to use the stairs instead of a block.

I don’t even care about half block griefing. Gary used to reiterate that nothing in Rust was truly yours. Once I get to the main cupboard I own that house and I do not see a difference between taking it over fully, and half blocking the hell out of it.

And that makes you an asshole

I didn’t say I ‘griefed’. I usually just take bases over and wave at the previous owners from the window. The point is that as soon as you lose that main toolcupboard that base is no longer yours to complain about.

Hey if you don’t know the difference was my point. Take my base and live there until I take it back or move along but half blocking it makes people assholes. I don’t think taking out the half blocks is the right solution though, there needs to be another way to keep assholes from ruining the game while allowing g players to be creative and build a world worth fighting over. Fighting over stone boxes is boring and stupid

Stone boxes on the flatlands is pretty much all we are left with now!

so now they will just use walls instead of blocks nothing has been fix with removing the half blocks only more problems have been created