How to fix this? [Help][CSS in gmod]

Its been bugging me since i bought gmod :S

i dont know how to explain it in words so here are the images:

What addons do you have? Also, start up CS:S.

This happened since i first played gmod, since i had no addons.
I did started up CSS, and played, i bought the pack wich had css and gmod.

“Something is creating script errors” at the top left.
You clearly have an addon mounted.

Open up the console and paste the output here.

I repeat , this happen since before i had any addons.

Verify GMod and CS:S.

Also, get Adv Dupe 2, don’t use 1 anymore.

And list the addons you have

He says it happened before installing addons.

I’d like to know, because in his screenshot, those aren’t default errors/missing textures.

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I have a feeling he’s using errorclense and I’d help to know.

alredy verified them, it didnt fix it.if you really need it ill post them when i get back home but i dont think that has to do with the problem. Since i have it since i first opened gmodm

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there you have:


help any1? :confused:

Where is CS:S and Garry’s Mod located? /steamapps/common or /steamapps/(username) ?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

Every game i have is there, plus i started with steam less than 15 days ago, steampipe was introduced some time before.

You do have CS:S checked to mount, correct?

yes sir

And Half-Life 2? (Included in GMod)

yes? this only happens with css


Post a picture of your advanced video options.