How to fix WIREMOD and SPACEBUILD 3 - Gmod Revision 13.06.07 - Dedicated Server

Hey guys. This is a thread for FIXING WIREMOD / SPACEBUIL3.

If you’re getting the following error in Wiremod:

[lua][ERROR] addons/wire/lua/entities/gmod_wire_hudindicator/cl_init.lua:56: attempt to call field ‘MakeSortedKeys’ (a nil value) fn - addons/wire/lua/entities/gmod_wire_hudindicator/cl_init.lua:56
unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:183[/lua]

Or Spacebuild 3 isn’t generating a tool list / working, ect, here’s the fix:

I don’t know why, but when I do

[lua]if VERSION < 143 then MsgN(“YES”) end[/lua]

It doesn’t print YES. I have no clue why, because when you just message VERSION, it prints 130607.

For wiremod, you need to go into wire/lua/autorun/Wire_Load.lua and comment out this:


if VERSION < 143 then ErrorNoHalt("WireMod: This branch of wiremod only supports Gmod13+.
") return end[/lua]

This way, it never fails the version check and actually includes all the files.

We need to do the same thing for spacebuild:


Just comment out this from those two files:

[lua] local gmod_version_required = 145;
if ( VERSION < gmod_version_required ) then
error("CAF: Your gmod is out of date: found version ", VERSION, "required ", gmod_version_required)

I had to do this for my dedicated server, my host is NFO Servers, and it only seems to be broken with this host.

if (130607 < 143) == TRUE then
Print Yes.

Can you see the problem there?
130607 is ** not** smaller than 143, Therefore it returns false, meaning MsgN is not called.

That said, if this does fix it for people; Go ahead and do it, However I am currently investigating the “issue” with SB3 as one of the developers. Once its fixed, It shall be pushed to the github;

If people are reporting that SB3 is broken, it’d be nice to give us an actual Error report. ** Including the console. **

Telling us; “It’s Broken, Please fix”, Makes it really hard to actually find the cause of the problem and therefore fix it. Generally when you report errors for** anything**; include the console, what you were doing when it occurred and a basic description of the problem. Following this template allows us to fix the errors much more quickly.

Edit: This may also Cause Lua Conflicts for your clients if you run it to the server.

Oh, yeah. Sorry I was being retarded with 130607 < 143.

What I mean to say was, it was resulting in true. So, it wasn’t including the files, it was spitting out an error because of this if statement.

I had to comment these version checks out on wiremod, spacebuild 3, stargate, ect, for this stuff to work on my server. So somehow it thinks 130607 is less than 143.