How to forward ports so people can join your server


I am tired of all the threads about how your server is stuck on LAN and how people can’t connect. Here are the ports that you have to forward in order to allow people to join.

1200 - 1200 UDP and TCP
27005 - 27005 UDP and TCP
27015 - 27020 UDP and TCP
27039 - 27039 UDP and TCP

Even after you have forwarded these ports, friends will not be able to connect to your server through the server browser or by joining from friends list.

You have to visit THIS website and take a note of the IP address that shows up in big bold letters. Get whoever you want to join your server to type in console: connect <IP Address here>. Giving them your local IP e.g. 192.168.1.x will not work.

For example, if I wanted my friends to join my server they would type connect in console.


I am surprised this hasn’t been done before. If it has then the old one should have been stickied.

This didn’t work for me D:

It should.
Did you make sure you ran the command sv_lan 0 somewhere?

One sec let me find my rant about sv_lan 0 being a stupid thing to ask.

He probably has some sort of firewall settings enabled on his router, some routers don’t allow these things to be turned off and the server will just never work. Netgear is wonderful for this.

But I use Netgear and this method worked for me.


Although I am talking about a Listen server mind you.

i use netgear and have added firewall rules and turned off th firewall on my computer
im using DG834G and it wont work D: i even typed sv_lan 0 into the console

I’m using a WGR614v7.

Opening ports is the same concept on any firewall/router… Model doesn’t matter.

This doesn’t seem to work for me.
Although Listen server work, it doesn’t work for a dedicated server.
Which is what I’m trying to achieve.

This guide is for listen servers.

Ah. I found what worked for my dedicated server is this:
27000 - 27050 inclusive

Maybe you could update the OP with both methods?
For Listen Servers: blah blah
For Dedicated Server: blarg bloorg

Bumping so people can see this. Also can a mod please rename the thread to point out the fact that this is for Listen servers?

The ports for steam are 27005 - 27075.
Those apply for listen and dedicated

Listen Server, Dedicated Server, Pudding Covered Server, it’s all the same, portforwarding wise.

i disagreed, nothing is wrong with mine, even if it starts with 192.168, they can connect on the server’s list, favorites, friends, idk about urs

Yes because the countless threads about “friends can’t connect” are also lying. Just because yours works doesn’t mean they all work.