How to gain FPS in Rust

A small guide on how to gain fps in rust.
This in which requires to make the game a bit ugly.

-First of all, most people would know that you need to turn down settings, like resolution, awesome level, etc.
-Go onto the console (F1) and type “grass.on false” which can also fix the crashing.
-Try to update all of your drivers by using “driver booster”, works like a charm.
-Clear Cache and Cookies from your internet browser.
-Change resolution on windows to be the same as the resolution on rust (do the lowest for the best).
-Try all the browsers and see which one performs better.

Hope I this could help people in the future.

I found I get a better framerate using the Firefox Nightly build. (64-bit)

Hm, I found chrome to be a better framerate then others, like opera, firefox, nightly, waterfox etc.
Yep i’ve tried them all :smiley: