How To Gain Server Players

So I’m new to server management but my friend isn’t, I happen to know how to code tons of languages, so once i learned how to attach a addon to gmod i started making cool and advanced addons that makes it unique. My friend does 90% of the management and i just hang around. I was wondering how one gets a playerbase started in the first place since i will get 7 players and in 5 minutes they leave.

Invite your friend to play in, as many as possible, people will come (hopefully)

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But first, an unique server with custom feature will get you some attention
Then just have fun

Its a snowballing effect. More regulars = more new regulars. You just gotta find a few ppl who play

But snowball in difrend mountain can crash into something

Were using unique addons and players enjoy them but we need a developer, could anyone help out us with the server, like i want a developer who is good with this stuff

What about your friend who happens to know how to code a load of languages and made a load of addons that made it super cool and unique?

Just play on the server. Even when im working on my code and its just me from time to time ill get people that join and eventually more people will join.

We got hacked, my developer had planted a script and had his friend come on and played shit, They deleted /root. I will no longer use root as the user to host the server, I will use a account called steam. Can anyone help me and be a developer, I’m really sad and my friend and I put tons of time into the server… To be taken away

Back that shit up, just like the booty.

Thanks for the advice man, we the developer said it was a back door, and we have no idea were he planted it. The script he used was >

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Then he deleted root, I have automatic 2 hour backups, so can I get a real developer, a helpful one, not some fraud, I am willing to pay, just depends on how efficient you are.


Why do you mean

Make a job on scriptfodder and offer a decent price, someone will do it

I’ll be honest I’m broke

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I just want help really bad, I just got hacked