How to gear up FAST!

Hey guys, check out my tips on how to gear up fast in Rust.

Take note this is my opinion and what works for me, if you got any suggestions feel free to drop a comment!

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Would appreciate any form of feedback!

great tips!

Cheers bud.

How do you play on a server without getting banned with that aim? I always, yes, always get banned from the servers I play on cuz some crying kiddies calls me an aimbotter. Even if I stream, send pics of my screen to the admins, I still get banned at the end lol… What server do you play on?

Not active on any servers at the moment, Just waiting for an update to keep me interested!

good video, I will test it out!

cool man! :slight_smile:

That kevlars head :smiley:

yep good tips, obvious but good. I find sometimes looting a much quicker progression.

I prefer looting :slight_smile: Its more exciting!

Ikr :slight_smile:

Good video, and unlike a lot of gaming channels, you have a nice, subtle intro that doesn’t take up 10-15 seconds of video. I enjoyed it.

I almost always try and get a 1x1 with a metal door first, it means security if I get loot, instead of being worried about loosing it if I’m carrying it around.