How to get a scene (.vcd file) created in hl2 Face Poser to play in Garry's Mod?

I want to create some custom scenes for my NPC to play with Entity:PlayScene(). I’ve created a scene that plays fine in hl2 Face Poser but not in my gamemode. I used the hl2 Face Poser, not the gmod one, because the gmod one gives me an error and I can’t open it.

I’ve used the hl2 Face Poser to create a lip-synced choreography scene.
I then copied the .wav file (now with phonemes) into \gamemodes\languagetest\content\sound and the .vcd file into \gamemodes\languagetest\content\scenes.

But it won’t play. Is there a step I missed?

I am pretty sure .vcd files will not load from the content folder, only from the root folder of Garry’s Mod ( and possibly folder addons )

I tested to see if they would load from the content folder by copying scenes/Breencast/collaboration.vcd to content/scenes/BREENTEST/collaboration.vcd. That worked fine…

EDIT: Or maybe that didn’t test anything.