How to get a value out of a registered vgui table?

I’m trying to get a value out of a table using this-

local MenuBar = vgui.Create( "DPropertySheet", BasePanel ) //The base panel is not important here, it's just a DFrame anyway
MenuBar:SetSize( 0, 200 )

local HomeOptionBase = {}

function HomeOptionBase:Init()

local HomeOptionColor = vgui.Create( "DColorMixer", self )
HomeOptionColor:SetColor(Color(30, 100, 160))


local homeoptiontable = vgui.RegisterTable( HomeOptionBase, "DPanel" )

MenuBar:AddSheet( "Home", vgui.CreateFromTable( homeoptiontable ), nil, false, false, nil )

//There's some code here for some stuff that isn't important
//Blah blah blah...

thing:SetColor( HomeOptionColor:GetColor() )

The last bit, HomeOptionColor:GetColor does not work as HomeOptionColor is not registered outside the panel (I think). How should I be accessing this data?

You first want to make sure it still exists by putting that inside an

if IsValid(HomeOptionColor) then -Code here- end

And the other thing is that the HomeOptionColor is a local variable inside the HomeOptionBase function, so it’s only available inside it, you just have to remove the local from HomeOptionColor

Of course, I always miss the most obvious solution! Thanks!