How to get all FakeFactory Alyx models in Garry's Mod?

I got interested in trying all the FakeFactory stuff in Garry’s Mod. So I downloaded one of the versions. I installed it and then took a lot of the stuff and put it in my GMOD folder. Works Perfectly. Everything is cool and all, but a bunch of different Alyx models came with it as well. Everything else is showing up where it needs to, but does anyone have any idea how/where to access all the FakeFactory Alyx models in Garry’s Mod? They’re not supposed to replace Alyx. They’re a crapload of different folders in materials/models, such as “v500_kendra”, “v160_adriana” and stuff like that. But I don’t know where to look for them in Garry’s Mod.

Use this:

How big is your gmod folder now? like, 1tb?

also they are from what I know, changed via a menu, and unhexed

so every version replaces alyx to whatever you want to see in the game

you’d have to find hexed versions

That worked! Thanks again, code_gs!!!

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You know what, I don’t even want to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But so far, it’s worth every gb. Or tb :v: … … …

Yeah, they’re changed via a menu. But that didn’t seem to work for Garry’s Mod.

I also tried making a folder of the same name in garrysmod/models(for example, “v500_kendra”) and filling it with the right stuff. But then only one model showed up. A bit hard to comprehend, though. Before FakeFactory, I downloaded a smaller pack that was supposed to replace the hostages from Counter-Strike with FakeFactory models. Didn’t work at first, but then I made a folder called “new” in both garrysmod/materials/models and garrysmod/models. And then all 4 models showed up.