How to get another server's information?

I am working on a vgui/derma project, and I will need a way to get a server’s hostname and player information (as in how many are connected, and what is the maximum.)

I’ve looked, but all I could find was “GetHostName()” which gets the current server’s info. Thanks!

Most of those functions are in the menu state. If you aren’t making something in that realm then you’ll need to program your own source protocol thing


Re-read the post he wants information from OTHER servers.

and as James said, it doesn’t come packed with garry’s mod.
I’d recommend just making some node.js script to do it for you, or anything else you’d like… (php or what ever)
Would probably be easiest.

Well instead of making his own he could use any of the ones that appear in Implementations:

but of course you have to request and get the information out of gmod. Personally i would use the Node.JS library and return the servers data as JSON to the client with a html post containing the ip and port of the server so it can try to request the information.