How to get back into mapping?

For the past few weeks I’ve been itching to get back into creating custom content of some form. I used to love making maps for source games but stopped for a long time.

I want to make maps again but don’t know where to start, what game, what point? I can’t bring myself to make a map without a purpose. Where do you get your ideas from? Not just inspiration for themes but a use for it?

Example old map I made:

Making maps doesn’t follow any specific pattern. If you have an idea, develop it, follow it’s thread till you start to see it’s shape. You will know when you are creating in the way you need to, because it will feel right. I can’t really put a specific feeling associated with it, but you will know what you are doing is right for you. It’s part of the unnatural drive that we get when mapping on something specific…we can go for hours without wondering what to do next. The idea flows like a river, and the shape becomes whole. You will know when you find that idea.

Well, are you looking for work?

It really looks like you have quite a bit of skill seeing your video. Maybe go on gm_flatgrass and make some building designs out of props, and use that sort of thing as a guide.

I don’t know about that… I’d say just let the idea come to you, maybe you’ll get inspired by just looking at some place around where you live, maybe it just comes to you. Just let that idea come and draw it out. That, or have an really skilled architect perform Inception and plant a map idea into your mind.