How to get better at gunplay in Rust

I’m terrible in a gunfight in Rust, and I’d practice more if resources weren’t so scarce on populated servers but it takes me a long time to gather enough resources when the people on my server are 90% KOS-ers. (could go to a lower pop server, gather resources, craft a gun, then spend a half hour looking for someone to fight, only to get my ass kicked, but that’s basically an inverse reflection of my current methods but with the same result) I’m wondering if there’s a game that plays similarly to rust, in terms of gunplay and where guns are more easily accessible, that I could practice on? Someone recommended Counter Strike, but wouldn’t elaborate on which one. Any tips? (Braces for trollolol n00b comments and presses submit)

Look at the server list. Their are battleground servers that spawn you with weapons and everybody just fights. Best way to practice with no grinding costs.

Find a server with starting kits that provide weapons

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Bring barricades with you- not the spike walls.

Im going to make a video on this. hopefully it helps overall.

COD GHOST. Not exactly the same but you should learn how to shoot. Any first person shooter could be good.

Take your time, don’t spam unless your very near. It’s hard for everybody you know? Maybe you should wonder why it’s not for some?

Have you played rust? The gun play in any call of duty is COMPLETELY different from the gun play in rust. Playing a game with almost no recoil doesnt help in a game where your gun bounces all over the place when you shoot.

Search the forums or youtube for SkreamUK’ s video about this. Has some helpful tips. All his videos are enjoyable

my server has its own arena for people to pvp and practice. weapons provided for them. they have to be returned, but hey practice makes perfect. add me on steam (same username) for more info. it usually has 15 or so people, and most are really nice

Counter strike GO is a terrible idea if you want to be better at gunplay on rust. Ive played all counter strikes including cs go for 400 hours and yet i cant kill anyone in rust since its completely different.

Best thing to do is practice practice practice. While joining servers that give you starter kits does help with the initial feel towards the weapons, your real opponent will be the adrenaline. That heart pounding feeling you get when you have a lot of resources on you and are caught in a firefight. This feeling causes shakiness and reduces your aim. Practicing breathing routines and remembering that all that is lost can be regained can help reduce the fear/anxiety caused by such situations.

The hidden recoil in go is a lot like the visual recoil in Rust. However as mentioned previously find a battlefield server that spawns you with weapons and just gank.

I think this is my main struggle right now, the adrenaline. I absolutely L O V E how this game captures human interaction, including (very much so) the fear of running into people who will kill you for your stuff. Those firefight moments are so intense, and I definitely see my performance drop as a seasoned shooter player. (my console friends love to play Halo for shits and gigs, so I picked up a cheap used copy so I can join them, totally annhialated them on multpile matches because it’s so much more casual/low risk. Rust is a totally different experience.)


they also need to add more health;the damage on guns are to much to do shit