How to get better HL2 Lighting

Whenever I make a map it seems to me like shadows are dull and boring, and like, if i had a light behind a pillar, the pillar wouldn’t make much of a shadow, unlike in HL2 where the lighting and shadows were distinctive and very very detailed. what should i do to achieve this?

It depends how big the pillar is, how strong the light is, and how small the light maps are.

How do i change lightmaps?

Its been a while but, you know the texture window that lets you change the repeats of the texture? There, there should be an option with ‘lux’ as part of a word, its default is 16. The lower that number is, the more detailed the lighting is. However, the lower this number is, the longer it takes VRAD to compile. There is also a chance if your PC doesn’t have enough RAM, a too low number on too many things will cause the compiler to crash because you have no more memory. Also, make sure you have vrad compiling, that’s the lighting.

its not luxels… its listed as lightmap scales

Pixels per luxel.

Sorry, its been quite a while since I used Hammer so a lot of details are blurry.

You can change the lightmaps is the texture application tool. Be careful, it can destroy the performances if you don’t use it with caution, so clip your blocks to change the lightmap on only one face: where the shadow would be.