How to get better lighting in screenshits

I’ve been getting better with my poses but something thats really been frustrating me is getting the lighting to look right. I pick out a map with some decent lighting and then set up and then take some test shots, but the lighting looks weird. So I use the light tool thing but no matter how often I fiddle with the settings and colors and brightness and such I cannot get it to look right. Sometimes the postprocessing helps but sometimes it doesnt. I don’t like to use the flashlight because the way it highlights isnt really big enough so it looks obvious. I could edit the screenshot after taking it but I dont like to do that.

So, what are your people tips?

well i mean if you’re really into taking pictures of your shit thats fine but you should use something other than a bathroom light and the flash on the camera wouldnt give enough emphasis on the turd itself

why is a thread about screenshits in gmod discussion anyway

That was a typo.

Do you do your screenshits in the bathroom or in your own room?
Either way, try doing it outside, natural light is much better than the light in your room.
Also you don’t have to worry about the smell there.

thats true a bad smell might create more mistakes while taking a screenshit like getting the wrong angle

the smell is bad sure but if you can hold off long enough its worth it for that good screenshit

Wow, I laughed my ass off for a good couple of minutes. On a serious note, you should probably use the Lamps tool rather than the light tool. It projects the light on a certain area rather than within a radius. You can also move and tweak the placement with the Physgun. You’ll find you can make some really detailed and pretty pictures when you add good light placement and shadows.

i dont think this is true. i think what you really want is screenshits

It’s okay, man. Screenshit addiction is a serious condition but we’ll get you the help you need.

I’ll give that a try. I never really used the lamps tool except to create spinning lights with the colorful one. Thank you.

I did that lighting using a lamp.

And SuperDof *

Okay thank you very much I don’t use DOF too muchly but i’ll give it a try and see if it makes the pictures look better
I’ve been practicing with the lamps its tricky but i think it is working

Well make sure you don’t just use that stripe shader/overlay for your lamps. I find the flashlight effect one is the best to use…