How To get blocks smaller than the grid squares.

Yes. I am new to mapping and need help on how to get blocks smaller than 64 what evers they are.

trying to make stairs at the mo and failing.

It’s possible to go off grid, however it is considered bad form and should rarely be done. You really just need to change the grid size, use the left bracket key ’ [ ’ to make more grid divisions and ’ ] ’ to make fewer.

If you DO need to go off grid you can toggle it with shift+w.

Also, I expect you’re going to get a few angry responses for making a thread out of such a simple question.

Thank you.

And I did say I was new.


please don’t go off the grid.

Bad reading -snip-

Can someone tell me why not to go off the grid? Putting in small details that way seems logical, you just need to pay attention.

Well making something smaller than 1x1x1 will cause your map to fail anyways. Did anyone attempt to do microbrushes in propper yet?

There are buttons to change the grid size, it goes down to 1. If you need smaller than that, then you shouldn’t be mapping that small, that’s a job for models.

maybe this is usefull for in the future


Actually you can make a triangular prism that’s half a unit and be fine.

It’s not an excuse, Google “Hammer Editor tutorial” and your question would have been answered several different times, in addition to not having another useless thread.

Sorry if you guys think I’m a little harsh, but I think the more experienced mappers can agree that simple questions like these belong to a simple Google search.

So how is a microbrush defined in VBSP? Would all the edges of a face have to be larger than 1? (the trinagular prism will have edges of the lengths: 1 x 1 x sqrt(2), with a height of 1, none of those values are less than 1)

Anything with a volume smaller than 1 unit cubed is a microbrush.

That doesn’t go off the grid. It just snaps to one grid unit. Holding alt goes off grid, and it is rarely used even for model placement.

To have a block smaller than 1 unit, what I would do if I ever needed one is make the block twice as big as what I wanted, the select it. Choose the vertex tool and select every vertice of the block then press Alt + E. A window will come up and the number in the box will say one. You can decrease it to make the brush smaller, or increase it to make it bigger. To make it half the size it is now (which is what you want), change the number to 0.5 and press Enter. Done!

Just in case, here’s the tutorial I learned this from:
Valve used it, so everything should work out fine.

Edit: Sorry, sort of misread your post. But this is still useful for something.

I think it’s determined by the bounding box actually. Don’t quote me on that, but I’ve had clipped brushes smaller than 1 unit cubed because I took off a corner.