how to get CS:S, EP 1&2 textures for Source SDK ?

Hello, so I am planning to make a city map for Gmod, I would need CS:S and maybe HL EP 1&2 textures for my city since it would be more modern type.
I do not own CS:S or Half Life EP 1 or 2, but I just need the textures and maybe props.

So if you got a link to the textures (and maybe models also), could you please share it with me.

Correct me if wrong, do I go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\sourcesdk_content, Create a new folder called CS:S and make a materials folder and simply put them there?

Thank you !

You’d need to buy the games.

oh, well I kind have no interest in these games, only the textures and models

doesn’t matter; only way to legally get what you want is by buying them

Besides, while valves maps are actually pretty simple in terms of geometry and detail, the way that they design the maps is very efficient, and effective. As a player you don’t even realize that you’re being led to an area due to a single light somewhere off in the distance, and you instead just instinctively go there. It’d be great for you to study these games.

Well, actually Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer comes with content from EP1 and EP2 (except for maps).

EDIT: Actually maps are there, too. There’s no game binaries but you can compile them from source code from Source SDK 2013 which is free.