How to Get Exposure for My Server

Hey everyone! I have a big question… I have a Deathrun server and I wanted to know how to get exposed as a server, so more people will join? Please help me!

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Anyone? I really need this :confused:

Honestly, unless you have friends or an initial starting base to get your server populated, I think gamemodes like Deathrun will be completely luck based when it comes to getting them known

I have a bunch of friends, like 50 online usually. But I mean, still, the max players I’ve gotten was around 10/21…

idle, idle, idle. can’t stress this enough. get like 5 friends on and it doesn’t matter if you don’t do anything but sit with gmod in the background, just have a playercount above 3.

don’t count on “supplementary” servers running different gamemodes to keep a main server going because generally players don’t really play anything except for one gamemode.

provide regulars with some sort of reward for staying on. pointshop cosemetics are a good idea I guess?

know your audience, I guess? servers that get posted to facepunch don’t seem to get many players because facepunch as a whole doesn’t care for the “big 3” gamemodes (ttt, prophunt, darkrp).

as far as content itself goes, I’ve found that gmod servers don’t really need lots of content to keep their players fairly entertained. i see more unique servers running custom coded shit getting 0/20 constantly while entirely coderhire / scriptfodder’d servers get a buttload of players. keep it familiar, I guess.

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don’t have much to say in the way of deathrun though, these are mostly coming from my experience as a darkrp coder / administrator / server manager.

What do you mean “idle, idle, idle”?

Like NiandraLades said, it is best done by having a initial player base. This is best done with friends (around 3-5) or if you’re part of a community then use them. If you don’t have a initial player base then the next best step is to sit and populate your server. Socialize and hopefully establish some regulars. The best part about regulars is that sometimes they will populate the server for you or if not they will sometimes joins even if there’s only one person on. If you can get friends/community members/regulars to like your server chances are they will invite their friends and then they’ll invite their friends and so on. The more people you have on your server the more it will attract people as no one really wants to play on a server that has 2/20 people compared to a 12/20 server. This will cause an increase in your server population bringing it to the top of the list.

The three factors of a successful server that I(that’s me) have learned is;

Running Smoothly:

  • Take care of disruptive players swiftly
  • Low latency(ping) which is best done with having a reliable server host and smart locationing
  • No/minimum amount of bugs/glitches


  • Not to much content (longer download times and the avg player will only wait less than 3 mins)
  • Too little content (Not enough to make it feel unique, but it’s best to use things off workshop or coderhire(now scriptfodder) likeJoeyl10 said)
  • No useless addons or ones that don’t get used often
    ^^^In other words just don’t fill your server will a crap ton of addons and have atleast 1 or 2 addons as they can add some things to keep your players entertained.
  • Maybe special events on holidays?
  • Reward your players (cosmetics? tags?)


  • Be engaged with your player base (If conversation is sparse then attempt at communication)
  • Have fun (if you have fun chances are your players will to)
  • Don’t bring personal problems into the server (This will just cause drama)
  • Try to keep the talkative players as regulars because people don’t usually like to play on servers with little conversation.
  • Don’t be so social you’re annoying.

Invite friends and community members to your server and get them to stay for as long as possible. The more people on a server, the more appealing it is to players looking for a server to play on. Build a regular player base as soon as possible! They keep your server alive.

If I missed anything or you disagree with me do reply. I am always trying to improve myself.

Wow, thanks a bunch, mate! :smiley:

You’re welcome, anytime. If you have other questions chances are others or me will be able to answer them. If not it’s best to mark the topic as solved in the top left.

Thanks mate :3