How to get FastDL

Ive got a server from and they got a download mirror.
Now, i have the download url to “http://53.547.21.92/53.547.21.92-27015” (This is just an example, not the real one)
And can i setup a fastdl, by making a new folder in the ftp, like this “http://53.547.21.92/53.547.21.92-27015/fastdl/” ??

First off, I would like to say that sucks and I personally use
The fastdlURL of “http://53.547.21.92/53.547.21.92-27015” would redirect the clients to download everything from there, if the correct folder is present. If you set the URL to “http://53.547.21.92/53.547.21.92-27015/fastdl/” then it would tell the client to download it from there. I hope that helped, I cannot quite understand what your question is.

So, i only need to make a new folder called “fastdl” and then just get the addons stuff (material,model,lua ETC) and get into the “fastdl” folder? And then set it to “http://53.547.21.92/53.547.21.92-27015/fastdl/” ?

Does that help at all?