How to get fully geared on rust

Our main room with most of our gear got raided first… We had pretty much nothing left. Nothing but will to fight!

sweet call of duty video man

The arrogance from the people trying to play the game like Minecraft is getting a bit tiresome, MrDeceptive.

Well played Lion. Just out of interest, do you play on M… D… R…? (won’t say full name, don’t want to be accused of advertising…) Think I saw someone with your name on there…

i have no idea what minecraft is but i will pretend.

Thanks! Yeah I do, not anymore tho… Actually looking for a new server and some EU guys to play with…

quite a misleading title

Well, me and my friends are still playing that server. Some quite dominant clans on there so could always do with a little help. I’ll add you in steam… My name’s ‘B L E E C h’ on steam btw.

How so? We pretty much had nothing in our base but a few pistols. And we went from that to m4’s c4’s and nearly full kev.

Cool video!

Well played! Got those suckers!

Not sure how this is a COD video. He’s defending his base… kinda a big part of Rust. It’s not one of those servers where you spawn with everything and run around shooting for no reason.


“I see a floating bear”