How to get GetConvar Value of a Timer.Create ?

I need to get value but I dont know where to put my Convar to get the number of the Count of my timer.

[lua]local MoveLabel = vgui.Create(“DLabel”, DermaPanel)
MoveLabel:SetPos(15, 30)
MoveLabel:SetText(“Time: 0” )
MoveLabel:SetSize( 50, 10)

function test( )

MoveCount = MoveCount + 1

MoveLabel:SetText( "Time: " .. MoveCount )

timer.Create( "MyTimer", MoveTime , 255, test)


concommand.Add(“my_test_function”, myTestFunction)[/lua]

I’m not sure you’re looking at this problem the right way… Would you mind telling us what you need to do?

I think I have found a way to move my panel and I want to use the Output value of my timer but I can’t find the way to get it printed in the console.

If I can found the way to have this value I want to add it to the SetPos and to the Alpha of my panel for the animation