How to get Gmod Crashing to a Minimal

Since the recent update, this really has gotten out of hand. Most of the time, 10-30 minutes in to playing on a server…teh screen freezes, the sound loops, and seconds later I get that dreaded windows sound error followed by a memory crashing error.

I have a pretty much acceptable pc, 30+ fps averaged on maps, 1gb ram, geforce 8400, sempron +3200 ect. Its not one of those $1000 gaming rigs or one of those cheap laptops/hp’s. Is there anyway to get gmod to stop crashing at the most inconvenient times?

I heard the better the pc, the less gmod crashes. But im not the only one, I know people with those super rigs who crash just as the same rate I do.

(its a real pain in the ass when it comes to zombie survival)

1gb DDR and a Sempron?

Sounds like my old PC, and that crashed alot too.

Get a new PC, that’s my only advice.

I think you can fix this with -nocrashdialod in launch options.
Its worth a try.

I’m quite sure it is -nocrashdialog

I misspelled it,sorry.

How long has it been since you last reinstalled gmod? Periodic reinstalls and addon cleaning keeps crashes to a minimum, I find.