How to get Gmod server to stop crashing.

So, I run a Gmod server via Linode and everytime someone spawns something slightly big it usually will make the server freeze and/or crash. I have given Gmod more access to RAM via the commands datacachesize and mem_max_heapsize_dedicated. It didn’t really seem to make it run any better. My Linode is the 4 GB plan. I don’t really see why it is crashing so much. Is there anyway to dedicate more RAM/CPU towards the server? It’s a dual-core CPU, though, so that might be the problem.

GMod won’t use more than 4GB of RAM. It also won’t use more than one core, due to it being x86. You won’t even need 4GB of RAM anyway, GMod is more CPU bound.

Well, it still seems to be crashing due to lake of RAM/CPU availability. Is there anything I can possibly do to increase the amount of spawned props it can handle before it start to do the “auto-disconnect” message (due to server crash)