How to get his addon deflagged incompatible

So hey there. I’m just asking here a little question about “incompatible” flagged addons on the Workshop.

My addons was flagged for being incompatible since I broke it out, so I made a new addon page for it, it being fixed & rewrited.
How can I deflag the other page flagged? Because all my subscribers will not find it anymore, and they are subscribing to another addon, that looks like mine.

Do I have to ask Garry, Valve or something?

Thanks for helping me, and sorry if this is the wrong section, I couldn’t find any other fitting section.

Bump? All of my subscribers (~around 30k subs) were on that addon, now I have like 3k subscribers, so like 27k that don’t know that I released a new addon that fixes the previous addon.

Lol’d at one of your workshop submissions.