How to get inspiration ?

Hey everyone !

So, i’m doing a KZ map on CS:GO but I start to don’t have ideas anymore…
Did you have any tips for having some ideas ?

Thanks ! :happy:

Pay an idea guy to join your team. There’s millions waiting for that opportunity.

Or look up reference pictures on Google in the style you want the map in.

Where can I find those boi ?

Give me more details on what kinda map you are making in what style and I’ll tell you what to Google for.

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For jump maps I’d say get:
Long jumps
Corner jumps
Moving platforms

The jumps are okay, it’s just the type of stage that I should do. It’s not have to be realistic or anything, just some fun and easy KZ.

Music can seed some pictures in your head, and then you can try to google them

yeah bro pay some1 $20 to give u an idea xDDD