How to get my addon NPC to follow me?

Hi, I am new and still learning so I hope somebody might please help me.

I rigged my own custom NPC and I simply want him to follow me around in Garry’s Mod like the citizen NPC’s do.

I used Studio Compiler to compile him. I dropped 9 animation .smd files in the Studio Compiler Sequences box in this order.

1.) Idle.smd
Animation Name - “Idle”
Activity Name - ACT_IDLE
Loop Animation checked yes

2.) a_WalkN.smd
3.) a_WalkS.smd
4.) a_WalkW.smd
5.) a_WalkE.smd
6.) a_WalkNE.smd
7.) a_WalkNW.smd
8.) a_WalkSE.smd
9.) a_WalkSW.smd

for all the rest: (2-9) - Animation Name “Walk”
Activity Name - “ACT_WALK”

In my “\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons” folder I have a “my_npc” folder



local Category = “Humans + Resistance”

local NPC = { Name = “my_npc”,
Class = “npc_citizen”,
Model = “models/my_npc.mdl”,
Health = “100”,
KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 },
Category = Category }

list.Set( “NPC”, NPC.Class, NPC )

The problem is that he just stands there doing the looping: Idle.smd
He also always turns away from me whenever I get near him.

Could someone please tell me how to simply have him follow me like the citizens do?

I assumed that because I included all the walk animations in compiling him and set his Class to “npc_citizen” that he would be able to walk around and follow me.
I even tried to simply use the “npc_select” and then “npc_go” command on him but he just stands there.

If anyone can help I really appreciate this.


Looks like a model problem than a lua problem… Check the Models/Skins thread.

Thank you for the tip, I am still learning and will check the model forum.