How to get official

G’day I own an australian rust server with the name “Australia #1” its getting around 150+ people all day and I’m wondering how do I get my server into the official slot.
Efforts are currently being made with the server provider to get more slots or data that’s needed.
We’ll have a website up soon so accompany the server and to be dedicated solely to the server itself so we can keep in close contact with our community.

For any further inquiries please consult us through private message or email.

i would of thought the only official ones are ones ran by so its minus dodgy admins.

Official servers are the ones that are maintained and ran by Facepunch/ , from what I know, you wont be a official server since you are hosting it as a private server

By my understanding you think Official servers are servers that are paying in order to be displayed when you enter the game lol?

Oh, so you’re the one everyone is calling a hacker for tping into people’s bases, abusing rcon powers by spawning in items, and destroying bases like a raging goliath… Btw, I’m pretty sure the Survivalist server is becoming an official, dunno how, maybe because of high player count. And this morning there were like 20 people on, all friendly then the official server went down and over 100 players joined… That was quite annoying, seeing nakeds everywhere bugging people about things…

Last night when I was playing, Australia #1 was on the main/official server list. Tonight it has been moved. What happened?

The official server went down, which was named the exact same as this one, which is why you would see it in both places.

So what happened to the official Australia server? Is it still hosted in that shitty datacenter in Singapore that takes a week to reset a server when it crashes?