How to get past the 32 texture limit for source?

A model im compiling uses 58 textures and SFM and gmod compilers from crowbar give me

 ERROR: Too many materials used, max 32 

Separate it into multiple models and then bonemerge them later? I don’t think there’s any other way around it.

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Or merge a bunch of textures together.

I did that originally, but its a total bitch to bonemerge all of them. Not to mention not even i know the order your supposed to bonemerge in (Bonemerging is weirder in SFM than it is in gmod)

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and merging textures would mean quality loss and UV editing, which i dont know how to do, plus not everything are the same size, the albedo map on something could be 512x512 while the normal map is 1024x1024, and id have to remake below 95 VTFs

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Alright I did it, I used cra0kalos compiler

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Drop it in counter strike global offensive\bin or dota\bin, than drag and drop your QC

Why the hell does that one model have 58 materials? It looks like something that would need like 4, maybe 5 at most.

A bunch of stuff have their own textures, the torso, the green metal on the torso, both shoulderpads have their own textures, both fore arms[a bunch of small details like the backpack, emblems on the shoulderpads], its a cluster fuck, plus it uses more textures since im using faux pbr

Does Cra0kalos compiler have the save vertex capabilities as the sfm one?

That model using 58 materials is INCREDIBLY inefficient. Like simkas said, that model looks to only need less than 10 mats.

“and id have to remake below 95 VTFs”

I suggest you learn how to work with UV maps. There is no reason that model should have 95 separate VTFs.

No one said it had to be efficient.

Given the resolution you wouldn’t be able to crunch these down like that. Source has hard limits on res after all.

Oh there absolutely is a reason. It’s called colordepth.
But I have a feeling you don’t really care.

Okay, so I’m really confused by this thread.

Simkas said that the model has more materials than it needs to be, people agreed with it. StealthC said the exact thing, people disagreed with it, BlueFlyTrap dug in way too hard over it and people agreed with that (and ergo implicitly disagreed with StealthC).

And I haven’t looked at the model’s materials themselves, but from what Fredrika said:

It sounds like at least some textures could be consolidated. Yes, Source has hard limits on resolutions, but those limits are at least 4096x4096 (I’ve heard rumors of 8192x8192 working in SFM, but I have no confirmation for that).

Assuming that you don’t want to match the resolutions of diffuse and normal, then you can do the UV merging off the larger ones (which sound like, off what Fredrika said, the normals). At 1024x1024, you could fit sixteen of those remapped to a single 4096x4096 texture.

No quality of loss or anything involved - keep everything exactly the same size, and literally just cram them onto a larger map.

Assuming 95 textures, and they’re all 1024x1024, then you could cut that down to 6 textures. You probably wouldn’t be able to compress the materials nearly as much, since I’m sure you have different parts of the model using different material parameters, but you could at least cut down the number of VTFs used. And in the event that you have two materials that currently use the same parameters but different VTFs, then this UV-merging would cut down on a material.

I can understand not doing it because you don’t want to deal with the UVs, but I honestly don’t see any reason why this is objectively a bad solution. I don’t see why anyone would mock such a solution, when it is objectively a better solution to having a massive amount of VTFs - absolutely no quality loss, but with a reduction of files used.

This debate is pointless since it’s under 64 materials and works with cra0’s compiler.

Why go to extra effort when the end product will be the exact same?

It’s pointless in this context, but not through principle.

What if the model were 65 materials? Or 96? 128? What then?

I don’t care about this particular instance. I’m talking more about the principle of the matter.

I should mention, if i where doing the usual diffuse, normal, specular, exponent set up sure I’d merge them , but like a few people missed im using faux pbr.
basically its too late to merge things at this point since every single texture has been processed