How to get past the dreaded mappers block

Hello, i need your help!
whenever i get a map started to acomplish a single goal (eg a keypad with a code to open a door) i always finish, but while i was making the map, i also thought of ways to make the map into a real one, like an expansive multieplayer level. but when im finished the keypad i just sorta figure what the heck, i dont wanna anymore!

please tell me how to stop this and get my projects done! i need something to keep me interested while mapping!

It’s a case of leaving the map for a while then browsing your vmf collection later and going, “Hey, I wanna finish that!”, and going back to finish it. There’s really no ‘quick fix’ for it.

i see :frowning:

I do that ALL of the time

what i do is i watch videos of mapping for hl2 and also videos of gamplay of there own maps for hl2 or gmod or what ever and i get back into it :slight_smile:

Start sketching something on a piece of paper. Even just some easy geometric shapes will do, let your imagination flow. And sketch a lot.

Make the complicated but boring shit like keypads last, first make the map’s geometry and fancy stuff.

I just keep at it, think what might look good, make it, like, the floor, then add walls, then try textures and before you know it you have another section of the map. Then the fun starts when that’s done and you add entities.

What I like making complicated and boring shit? :saddowns:

Logic makes me hard :q: But I prefer to do logic over architecture as I have a severe lack of imagination, adn have trouble re-creating what I see easily.

Usually when I hit mapper’s block, I turn on 3ds max to make a new art asset or two to spice up my map, then by the time I’m done, I am in the mood to work on my map again, and I now have more art assets. Win-win.

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Wins still outnumber loses. Win.

You consider a map better than porn. Eww.

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i also get this lol, i like making boring yet fun when its completed shit. like a drivable boat using the game_ui entity, thats always fun to fall out and fail :stuck_out_tongue:


and yes, whoever dumb spams has got to be the most productive person i have ever met, i bet they cant map at all :stuck_out_tongue: