How to get people in your server.

I own a server and was wondering how does one get people to play on it? I am getting upset at the days where it goes empty all day. D:

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You wait. Some servers get lucky and get players quick, other’s take a while. Try to make your server unique, don’t make another DarkRP server, and most importantly, don’t advertise on other servers, makes your own server stupid.

Are people more attracted to a full or nearly full server? Because it seems like to get that you have to have players to start with.

Use a good gamemode (some original stuff) DO NOT HOST ROLEPLAY, adapt to suggestions that people on the server say. Be friendly and open.


It’s amusing to see the people rating me dumb after I told him not to host RP. V:v:V Also for you people, read this and think again.

People are attracted servers with lots of players, invite your friends. Since I’m nice, I’ll go ahead and join the server I guess.

Well ti is currently Custom TTT

There’s your issue. Refrain from hosting TTT, Sandbox, DarkRP, Zombie shit, Fretta, or Spacebuild. Everyone who plays those already found their niche and they’re overpopulated anyway.

Im hosting a 10 slot build server in sydney, but i dont want to just post in thread’s like “COMES JOIN MA SERVA LAWWWLLL K THX” Is there any thread, or site i can just post my details with out looking like a dickhead with a shit server, and when people look, they can find?

This isnt that thread. Why did oyu post here?

As already stated, get a gamemode which isn’t used a lot, or if you can, try getting a custom one.

It would be lovely if someone hosted a Radbox or a Winter Survival gamemode…

I have no lua coder tho D:

Get one then.

I feel to lacking in trust to get lua coders.

wut? they are the ones who need to trust you.

For people, like me, who don’t won’t to spend money on these things.
You could always look at coding, learn, redo the code, [del]make love there women[/del], and ask for help.

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I made a lua script by looking at other scripts, see how it works and put them together, while also asking help, to make this.

I have the good idea for an RP style gamemode (Like it is really good I only get positive feedback) but I dont think premade scripts will help me there xD

give it an attention bringing name

Nice to see everyone posting the same thing. I say follow that advice lol.

I recommend inviting your friends onto it, and people will notice you have visitors, so they join, you’re also better off having a Steam group for it too.