How to get players on my server.

I have recently spent the last week coding my KingdomRP server and now all thats left to do is get a player base. Any tips on how to get players to join.

Good old signs of a trash server. :v:

Well what would you name it then? Pretty sure that’s why I asked for advice.

Well, first of all, you shouldn’t use all the same generic “tags” that thousands of other copypaste scriptfodder servers use.

Also FYI advertising servers here is generally frowned upon.

You play on your server. When i was working on my script the past two days i was getting 12 players on my server just because they saw me on it. On average i get 2 players but even when i afk on it i get at least 2 and at most 5. Considering im just working on a script thats not too shabby.

If you are talking about player retention think about incentives and playability. I realize my server is just to have fun so i let people spawn dupes etc. So for them its fun to play

Ok thanks for the advice I will take that in to consideration :slight_smile:

I guess you could descend to using clickbait… heh…

RebelExile KingdomRP [Custom] [You won’t believe which outrageous addon we have installed]

Advertise on all the big Garry’s Mod servers! Everybody knows that’s the only way to get players.

Edit: It was clearly a joke for those who lack in the upstairs department.