How to get players?

So my server used to have a constant player base but I had to shut it down for a while to update and fix stuff now my server only has 16/25 is there any tips?

This is a stupid question.
Be nice, don’t abuse and you will get a bigger player base soon!

Well if you wan’t to get some players you can try call this local ply = LocalPlayer()

Well, you probably didn’t do the best thing by shutting your server down to fix this. In my experience, as long as the server is up, and it’s fun, you will gain a player base, but when you shut that server down, even for a day, you will have lost… maybe half of it. People don’t want to play according to your time-scale. In the time that the server was shut down, your players will have found another server.

Try to call it? There’s nothing to call. You’re setting a variable. Not making a function.

Oh, my mistake.