How To Get prison_celldoor001a.mdl To Open Properly

I am trying to get prison_celldoor001a.mdl to open properly, but it opens in the middle for some reason and I can’t get it to open properly.

Change the origin of the entity in the top down view, it’s a little circle, drag it to either side of the door you want it to open from.

I gave it another shot but still opens in the centre, are their any steps I could be missing?

Should also really be using the door01_left.mdl with the appropiate skin.

I am using the prison door for the reason its in a prison and there are no skins for door01_left.mdl.

Parent the model to a func_door_rotating.

You can manage to do it with a path_track

I don’t believe I have use path_track before, any tutorials?

Parenting to a func_door_rotating is easier.



choose the right skin.

You do not understand, there isn’t a prison door skin for that model.

Thanks Iron I will give it a shot later.

For future reference, the only door models that work are door01_left and the doubledoor one.