How to get Rage Textures

Hi, Guys

Here an Idea to get Rage Textures with Rage Toolkit.

No one I know can “extract” Textures from Rage Toolkit,


we can make a Screenshot and work with this.

Step 1:

The Textures aren´t in Rage Toolkit (only a few released).
So let us get them in.

All we have to do, is to copy the Pages Files from Rage to Rage Toolkit.

For Example:

Copy _vmtr.pages from Rage virtualtextures Folder to the Rage Toolkit virtualtextures Folder.
Then rename it to an existing Map.
For Example rename it to donottouch_v001.pages (and rename donottouch_v001.pages before to anything else).
Than start Rage Toolkit and than start idstudio.
Go on Worldedit and than click on “Tools - Mega/Terrain Editor…”
If the Tool starts click “File - open Megatextures…”
And than open the
You will see a Room with changed Textures.

Step 2:

Get the Textures out isn´t realy possible I think.
But we can make a Screenshot of the plane Textures.

For this we have to click “View - show Megatextures…”
and than “View - Zoom to Extents…”

With Mousebuttom 2 and Mousewheel we can move around the Texture and Zoon in and out and so on.
To find the Texture we need is a little bit searching, but if we had found it we only have to positioning it on the screen
and make a Screenshot by clicking “Print” (positionate it as big as you can on your Screen for higher Details).

Now we only have to open an Imageeditor of your choice an click “Ctrl + V” or right Mousebuttom and “paste as new picture”
( you can use Paint or Photoshop or Paintshop, it dosen´t matter)
and we got it.

There is only one Bug left:
The Textures are all a few pixels deformed.
If you want it correct you have to stretch the upper Edge of the Picture.
If you turn on the Lines in Rage Toolkit by clicking on “View - Show Page Numbers” you will see it.
the left and the right side of the textures aren´t realy parallel.
I correct it with Paintshop Stretching Tool.

Have Fun.

Or just use “Texmod” and get the textures into simple image files

Tried Texmod.
But nothing.
Did I made something wrong?

Works for me last time I used on Dead Space 3, so you probably did something wrong.

No, it’s just rage uses virtual texturing for everything. Meaning all the textures are on a gigantic texture sheet then streamed in.

It probably won’t work on OpenGL games.


My Way is whole bunsch of work, but it works on Rage realy fine.

The trickiest Thing is to find the matching Texture.

Have Fun

I just want to confirm that this method works. This is really rather brilliant. A pain in the ass, but brilliant.

You can also toggle “show bump” and “show specular” to get all needed textures.

As the OP states, the only trick is locating what you need and cutting the textures out. Not ideal, but way better than the nothing we had before.

Would someone be willing to send me some of the models/textures for the static vehicles and props from RAGE? I’ve been trying to get them for ages, and this is the best news I’ve heard about RAGE in ages.