How to get rid of dead NPCs?

Like when you kill them, they become unremoveable, or moveable. Is there a mod that deletes them when they die?

Delete with the tool.

If you don’t have the KEEP CORPSES box checked, you just have to deal with them.
There may be a way to get rid of those, never tried or cared.

What is this “Keep Corpses box” you speak of?

In the NPCs tab, on the bottom of the Q menu, you’ll see some checkboxes. Keep Corpses will turn dead NPCs into ragdolls, not that clientside shit you get from HL2.

Your PC better be able to deal with some shit, Keep Corpses being on may decrease performance, especially if you’re killing a fuckton of NPCs.

I just found this online so pardon the shit quality. Do you see the four white boxes down in the bottom? Inspect those.

Thats for single player. I’m talking about on my actual server.

That’s why you be specific.

I have no clue then.