How to get rid of pointshop buy confirmation?

So I have undefined’s pointshop installed on my server but there’s one thing that really bothers me. The confirmation for when you buy something.

Is there a way to get rid of this? If so, how?

Are you sure this is a good idea? What if user accidentally clicks on wrong icon?

When you click on an icon there already is a tab that pops up that prompts you to buy so yeah I’m sure.

Open file: [root]/addons/[POINTSHOP FOLDER]/lua/vgui/DPointShopItem.lua

find this piece of code:

Derma_Query('Are you sure you want to buy ' .. self.Data.Name .. '?', 'Buy Item',
	'Yes', function() LocalPlayer():PS_BuyItem(self.Data.ID) end,
	'No', function() end

and replace this


Thanks, this worked!