How to get Rust to working on Ubuntu with Intel integrated GPU.

Hello to you all fellow Linux users! First of all, this is my first post. :). I felt the need to start contributing seeing all Linux user struggling with different games and especially with Intel integrated graphics. Now as I can see, most of you have graphic problems. There is hope don’t give up. Let me point you guys in some directions that may be useful.

First of all, I also am a Linux user, I do use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS because I am a fan of stable and support over bleeding edge. I used 13.10 for a while but found it too unstable with my hardware so I rolled back to 12.04 until the next LTS. I would suggest to you guys who are experimenting gaming on Linux to use the most stable release of whatever distribution you use. Gaming on Linux is quite recent, support for different GPUs is not yet that good and also many people use low-end graphic cards which I think is likely to cause even more problem.

When I first install Rust, it was on Ubuntu 13.10. At the time I had the Oibaf ppa drivers installed. These drivers are only available for 13.10 and 14.04. Using that set-up with my low-end Intel Sandybridge GPU didn’t work. The game was starting fine but it was not playable due to corrupted graphics…(everything dragging and staying there as you move so impossible to see a thing). These drivers can be found at . You sure can try it on your system adding the ppa and following instructions on their web page but it’s very possible it won’t work.

After trying the Oibaf drivers I did installed The Intel supported drivers for Linux which you can find at: . Again without any success. Again the game was loading but with the same corrupted graphics.

At that point, possibly because of a driver conflict not only my game wasn’t working anymore but some of my Ubuntu GUI was also corrupted. I decided it was time to roll back to the LTS release and start from scratch.

So I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. By default it will install the stock open source drivers for Nvidia and Intel which are contain in these 2 packages : xserver-xorg-video-intel and xserver-xorg-video-nouveau. I decided I would give a shot to these. Updated the OS, installed steam for my release with the steam package from the steam web page. I then Installed Rust and gave it a shot. Guess what!?! IT WORKED!!!. Sure I am very conscious my graphic card is crap so I don’t expect to play on high graphics or even with High FPS. That said if you can deal with that fact, game works great with the lowest graphics, and removing grass ( which at the moment won’t even show on high graphics).

So this is how I went from Rust not working, to Rust working in Ubuntu with Intel sandybridge gpu.

Key points:

1- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
2- Use stock Open source drivers (xserver-xorg-video-intel)
3- Install steam client from the package on the webpage, not the one in the store.
4- Don’t expect any high performances.
5- As development advance, game will be optimized and I am hopeful FPS will be good at low graphics using cheap GPUS.

Enjoy both an awesome game and an awesome OS.

If you have any question let me know I will do my best to help you.

Ps: Please be tolerant about grammar, English is not my first language.

Have a very nice day.