How to get rust?

How do i get rust??? Ive heard that u get it if ur a gold member! So do I have to be gold or is there some way to get a beta key???

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purchase gold!!!
or ask me

Rust is a browser game. You click that link to play it.

Oooo… Im on my wiiu right now and ive went to that site but not on my comp… ty!

Right you little fucking shit! You and the other 20 people today and every other day for the past two weeks need to fuck off and do research! The game is in closed alpha which means, you will get in when they bloody want you to get in! If you purchase facepunch gold there is a chance you can get a key in a thread but it is a chance! The best you can do is wait till beta

You cannot play rust at the moment, Although to improve your chances buy a gold membership. Or just wait till the game has a public beta

Patience is the Golden Key to this game.