How to get S&Box

Hello, I’ve just pressed a “log in” button and it successfully logged in. Does it mean that i got S&Box? If yes, how can i get it? Just checked my library twice - I
still don’t see it…

if you are logged into the dev site (Login - s&box) then reload steam and search “S&Box” in the search

Did you have to wait for the queue? That’s a pretty important detail to leave out if you did.

Ok, so i just launched Steam on PC not on phone and guess what? It appeared.

Did you not have to wait for a queue at all? Have they finally gotten rid of it?

Sadly not :slightly_frowning_face:

The queue will be there until it’s official release. The more successful your contribution to the Garry’s Mod workshop, the higher you’ll be in the queue. This is based on your workshop score. If you contributed nothing, you’ll basically have to wait until it’s final release on the Steam store.

If thats the case…

  • 1 key per hour
  • 35,000 In que
  • 35,000 hours
  • 1400 days

s&box official release in 3 years? Actually sounds reasonable to me since you can only release ONCE to make the big impact through first impressions.

I am mad, they say in the website “one key per 30 mins roughly” and initially it was 1/min, couldn’t they just settle on something sweet and short, like 20 mins?

Those liars…

I think they’re probably going to close the queue anytime soon, maybe this or next month’s dev blog, because now it’s starting to let people in who made no contributions in Gmod and definitely won’t in S&box as well, so no point letting them in unless you want more people complaining about a broken game or asking for troubleshooting help, wasting the time of those who would be making content.

Yeah now it’s more curious people who want to have a preview than content creators.

Hopefully they get a system to let in the final creators, but keep the players out(players will find bugs tho…)

Don’t think that’s as big of an issue as actually making the game in the first place, besides it’s a sandbox, most of the bugs you’ll find are from player-made gamemodes and developer tools, which regular players won’t use.

In order to get s&box you must run around in a circle 3 times then refresh your steam library.

If sandbox appears then it appears.

If sandbox doesn’t appear then it doesn’t appear.

This is the way of zen.