How To get Svn Better

First you need TurtoiseSVN:

If you don’t know if you are 32-bit or 64-bit, then you are probably 32-bit.

Checkout the following SVNs:

  • See note below the image


  1. Make a new folder appropriately named (bold words above) in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<steam account name>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons
  2. Right click this folder and click “SVN Checkout”
  3. In URL of repository paste the appropriate SVN address above, then press okay
  4. If it asks for a username and password, put “anonsvn” for both
  5. Wait for it to complete downloading

Additional note for Wiremod: The Wiremod SVN has more than one addon, so you’re advised to make a new folder somewhere other than addons (such as desktop) then when it’s finished download drag the 3 addons from inside this folder into addons.

Tip on making sure you did it right:
Any addon will have an info.txt in its main folder. If it doesn’t, then you probably are doing it wrong. See below:

Other clientside and singleplayer addons

Now How To get Wire Svn Because the Link doesn’t work up top

  1. Go to :

  2. Click Downloads look For Wire Click Zip or Tar i clicked zip

  3. Now when you are done put it into Garrysmod

  4. But Wait your not done look down and you’ll see the Wire Extras SVN Also download that

Reason why I did this is because people always had trouble with getting SVN’s
Reply or Post Any Problems if you have any

Dirvan has already done this before.

Why not do it again :smiley:

Because it was already made.

but its a new thred


And its at the top so people wont have to go looking for it and waist 5 minutes of their life.


If you want Ill delete it if it makes you satisfied.

You can’t delete it anyway. Besides it will fall to the bottom in a few hours by the other help threads.

True but it will still be more easy to find it because its A lot !!! more pages front.

Also, you did this wrong.

You said to put the SVN folders in addons, and completely skipped the export step.

That can almost double the size of what you SVN’d, so it can massively increase load times in GMod.

Also, Divran’s isn’t pages back in the help section.

It is on the 2nd page of the General Discussion…

The export step is very important. hint hint

Nice. There’s been a really helpful guide on SVN on the wiki for a while now:

That’s mine. But the Facepunch one is better and is updated more (Because I don’t know a lot about how the wiki works).