How to get the active bodygroups of an entity?

Hi forum,

I was wandering how can i do that since there is Only retrieval if the Bodygroup table.
So if I choose the BGs from right click, then apply them, How should I get the info which one is applied ??

Usually there is a Get/Set, but there is no GetActive BGs or something.

Any ideas

Yeah, but if u want to get the desired, not to build a list of the already active ones.
You see I apply them via Right Click context menu and wanna write a code, which can retrieve that information, so I can determine which one is active.


Prop -> Right Click -> Bodygroups -> Green Hat

How can I determine that the “Green Hat” is chosen?

That function gives you active bodygroup for selected bodygroup id.

If want to get the bodygroup name, you can do so using

If you want to get the count of bodygroups, use

Hmm, OK I guess the documentation was not clear enough.
Anyways I will get the MaxCnt and iterate over them … It should be working pretty good .