How to get the best out of my dedicated server at limestone? (Gmod Build Server)

Hi, I have a dedicated server at limestone and want to know how I can get the best out of a build server. I mean like, no lag, etc. I know it will lag here and then but that’s okay. I know sv_minrate and sv_maxrate are something to do with it so I need help with those. All tips and suggestions would be helpful.

My server specs:

Core2Quad Q9300 @ 2.5ghz
8GB Ram
Windows Server 2008 OS
100mbps Connection

(Again, its located at Limestone Networks in Texas)

So, how can I make a build server not lag? What are some good things to add, or and commands to throw in?

Thanks guys,

Don’t you run

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Anyway, if you run a GSP you should know all of this already.

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Why are we derailing the thread?
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Yeah, CPU usage stays below 15% all the time but the server has high pings and lags with a lot of PHX.

We should have 100 MB/s speed soon, it would be good.

We already have it dumbass. And its no use going to 1000mbps…already tried.

CPU usage stays below 15% because it’s single threaded.

I had a server with Radon once. It’s funny because the WHMCS service keeps randomly disappearing, deleting the server entirely with no notice.

Because the owner of Radon was getting DDOSed. I work for Radon. And I think the DDOSER was you know who, I’m not gonna say.

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Oh and I love waiting 15 minutes for the TCAdmin to finally log in (once I get my account details to work.) A+ service