How to get the Best Quality Out of My Gmod Screenshots

I’ve tried To get my screenshot quality Up to Standard When i play Garrys mod. But I Know how to “Turn up my graphics and Such” But whenever i upload them to the “Facepunch Edit my screenshot thread” The Quality is absolutely Dogshit I’ve tried using different Uploading sites but I just don’t understand why They Dont turn out to be The quality i want. If anyone Knows how to fix this Please let me know.

Open your console and type in ‘jpeg_quality 100’
Use imgur to upload your screenshots (unless they’re huge)

Dropbox could work, I use it for picture uploads to facepunch and they stay the way I uploaded, whatever quality I saved it in.

You could set it to 120 for even better quality. (Yes it goes over up to 120.)

Can it go even more better like uncompressed?

EDIT: jpeg_quality 120 somehow don´t work. It limit it on 100.