How to get the grid back in broken hammer

Make a displacement (You’ll probably have to open a map with them in it already), take the sculpt tool then click carve. Move the line around until it is vertical. Then with the mouse still over the 3d view (don’t move it), use wasd and arrow keys to move around. Stop when you see the line becomes yellow (it should be yellow near displacements edges/verts). Click and you’ll have your grid back.

mine was never broken :smiley:

What? Mines not broken.


Oh hey nevermind, Source’s Sdk just updated and now it’s happening. Thanks for the tut.

Did it work?

Gah din’t work for me.


Tried three times. I don’t think I understand. :confused:



Sec i’ll try and see whats wrong

Read these two phrases first and thought you were trolling.

I really appreciate you trying to help- But I think I can wait until they release a fix.:wink: (Which, knowing Valve, could take months.)

Useful as a temporary fix, however what’s with the trippy model colours?

It doesn’t work for my friend either… but for me it works perfectly… to those who couldn’t fix with this, what’s your specs? Is your pc old?

It’s a new feature with displacements. He didn’t mean the carve tool as we know, but the carve option in the sculpt tool.

Yeah, I tried doing this as you told me over steam friends. I’m just thinking it’s the difference between our specs.

Sculpt tool?


Gah, new tools will be the end of me.

i dont even know what these new tools do :psyduck:

lol i don’t think any of us do

well I just found a sculpting tutorial

This. :suicide:

they look kinda useful to me

How new? Because I’ve never heard of it.

It looks like a bit obsolete tools to me, I always could get the job done with the current tools.

Also what is this manifest thing?

Yeah I was wondering that too.

Like 2 days ago new.