how to get the players pos and angle

hey! so i want to get the players pos and angle and save it to a text file so it will use the same one every time. so does any one know a tut for reading/writing to text file. and can any one tell me how to get pos/angle?

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i got how to get pos/angle so just mainly the txt file stuff

Could just use PData instead of text file, might be better for you.


if SERVER then
local function SavePlayerPos(ply, cmd, args)
local SaveData = {} – Table to keep track of data
SaveData.Pos = ply:GetPos()
SaveData.Ang = ply:GetAngles()

	local JSONData = util.TableToJSON(SaveData) -- Converts Table Data To String
	file.Write("example/".. ply:UniqueID() .. ".txt", JSONData) -- Saves File to Garrysmod/Data/example/<unique id>.txt
	-- Note that the above folder must exist!!!

local function LoadPlayerPos(ply, cmd, args)
	if 	file.Exists( "example/".. ply:UniqueID() .. ".txt","DATA") then
		Msg("Loading Player Data.


		local JSONData = file.Read("example/".. ply:UniqueID() .. ".txt", "DATA")
		local LoadData = util.JSONToTable(JSONData) -- Convert JSON string back to table format

		Msg("No File Found.




That should point you in the right direction. You’ll need to create a folder in your garrysmod/data directory before trying to save.

is there code to auto make a folder?

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im making a motd that is basicly a calcview of the map and im making a command that gets the player pos and saves it so they can place the cam anywhere.

file.CreateDir( “example” )

That’ll do it :slight_smile:

make sure to check if the file is already created tho or it will create it again.

Nope, it’s perfectly fine to call CreateDir even if it already exists.